I’m not sure where to begin with the way this conversation has progressed

I’m going to state some opinions of mine, hopefully avoiding any offense, and see if we can find a new perspective:

We suspect, but don’t know FOR SURE, that this Carrie is the same one involved in MLM. The signs are there, but it’s not a sure thing.

But EVEN IF SHE IS, I think we may be causing more harm than good in handling her the way this forum has, at least in this case.

Okay, so let’s make an assumption: This IS the same Carrie. She’s involved in MLM and for some reason didn’t want to reveal that in her recent first post.

How many of us hid our MLM connections when we were out recruiting for our businesses? How many of us suspected that there may be something wrong, if not with the MLM model itself, then with the general perception of MLM, and hid that part of it while promoting our products or our opportunity?

In many cases, it’s even TAUGHT that way: “Don’t tell your prospects too quickly what it is, since they’re likely to have ill-conceived notions about it.”

So Carrie comes in here asking questions that are, superficially, innocent, but at the same time, could lead to answers that may cause doubts about the legitimacy of MLM. But the way she was treated, I doubt she’ll believe anything we say or come back when she finally is convinced of the false promise of MLM and quits.

Her “trolling” behavior is TAUGHT by MLM leaders, and we just offered concrete evidence of being “bitter losers.”

Guys, we can do a lot better. But to do that, we need to rely on our experience and knowledge, and not so much on knee-jerk emotions.

There was no implied response or directive in the post

I think it should be worthy of mention here when significant A/Q leaders pass.

You wouldn’t want this board to ignore it if Yager or Britt or Winters of many of the other leaders passed on. We’ve had SO many “Whatever happened to…” posts here, that this obit satisfies a curiosity that we know exists here.

You may want to notice that other than your question (comment?), there’s been no response to the obituary. People here just don’t have that much to say about Halsey. And I think that’s the way you’d prefer it.