I think Paine has a very good point here

If you used the analogy of a heavy drinker going into an AA meeting just to `check it out’ and hopefully convince themselves that they do not have a problem, how would the counselor and forum handle it? I would expect that the drinker would likely begin to argue his/her cause and try to convince the forum that although THEY have a problem HE/SHE doesn’t. I wouldn’t think that the forum would begin to belittle, deride or be abusive to the drinker. On the other hand if after a couple of meetings the drinker turns out to be a salesperson for a Vodka distillery and is trying to convince the forum that his/her product is non-addictive and therefore safe for the forum I would think he/she would be expelled from the forum. Paine is right. We should be more patient and gentle with the drones (but always on guard for motives) because most of us here have already walked in those shoes.
Maybe we should save our outrage and loathing for those that really deserve it. Those at the top of these pyramids who are destroying lives and families.

Some MLMs deny that they’re MLMs

Should it be any wonder that people would come here asking if their company is an MLM? Should it be any wonder that people would come here denying that their company is an MLM and asking why they are being accused of being in one?

Many people don’t understand pyramid schemes. Is it any wonder that people fall for them? Is it any mystery that people would inquire about pyramid schemes and their relationship/similarity to MLM?

For as many years as some of us have been here, we should not assume that new members know what we know. If common knowledge were common, everyone would have it.

I ask that you consider this, and consider the likely results of treating MLMers in a spiteful way. After all, they may be “survivors” one day, and if they cannot come here (because of the way they were treated while they were believers), where will they go?