What do we want the purpose of this club to be? Do we want it to be a haven for people who endured the MLM experience and are now trying to deal with the thoughts they believed to be true, only to find out they were manipulated and abused? Or do we want to keep it closed to anyone who doesn’t think as we do right now, even if they might come around later?

The answers to these questions are important, as they denote, at least to me, how long this blog will be necessary. Carrie didn’t start anything. She simply behaved in a way that is consistent with MLM teaching. Now I don’t know how much credibility we can salvage with her or other MLMers who may be harboring doubts and come here for help.

We need more patience, I believe. A lot more. I spend a fair amount of time deciding how to handle posts that come into the moderator’s queue – whether to delete or allow posts, whether or not to communicate with MLMers who sound sincere but have violated our rules by posting links to their MLMs along with glowing words about their opportunity, whether or not to allow members to post without moderation or be removed and banned from the forum.