I never said any of that

I am not here to recuit. I am just here to get the other side of the story. On any issue, there are those that are for and those that are against. I have been listening to those that are for MLM’s and wanted to here from those who are against MLM’s. I did not come here to change anyones opinion, as if that could happen anyway. I also did not say that I have found one that works. I have made a little money in the one I am in, but only time will tell if I make anymore.
While, I do disagree that all MLM’s are bad, I am not here to convince anyone of that.
For example, I did not know that Avon was considered an MLM. My wife is an Avon rep. She has been for 3 years. She has not one time recruited anyone else to sell Avon. She signed up to sell Avon because she used their products regularly, and here Avon lady moved out of state. She does not make a lot of money at it, (partly because she buys a lot of product for her personal use).
This is the reason I did not want to say which MLM I work. I knew I would be accused of attempting to recruit.