I’m glad you had time to look into all this

I didn’t feel like going too deep in this one (like I said, just not the time to take care of it right now) It did get me to thinking of a possible way one may market a service if it is intended as a low level income for those involved that might work, and I was thinking they might be doing that.

If it’s a true MLM, though, they won’t go Chapter Eleven. They’ll just find a way to milk the lower level for more income.

I wasn’t going to go into the full story on that, but it is true. They set a fair price and felt it was dishonest to give one person one price and another person another price, so they’d stick to the stated price.
At first people hated it, since they couldn’t dicker and felt cheated, but then after a while they realized they would never go in and pay one price and later hear of someone else paying less, and people began to like that kind of dependability.

I missed this — I *must* have been half asleep when I read his post. I don’t even remember reading that. I definitely would have had something to say about it if I had read it.

I think he’s dealing with front-loading, where they want him to make money up front so he stays in longer. I don’t think he’s lying — at least not consciously, but I’ll remind everyone: You haven’t made the money until you’ve cashed the check and it’s in your pocket — and even then, sometimes, the check can still bounce and you’ll need to cover it. I’ve had it happen and I’m sure anyone who has run a business has seen it at least once.