That’s not what we want, is it?

Mick, to a degree, I think you’re correct. We don’t want to be feeding trolls.
OTOH, could an angry response be considered food for a troll? If trolls enter a forum seeking to cause upset, and the forum responds angrily, doesn’t that validate the troll’s tactic and reward the effort?
And what about lurkers and pro-MLMers who read this board and see how we react to a contrary opinion, or to those who seek to mislead the forum – or out-and-out lie to us? Does it reflect well on the forum to react with anger? Or do we simply justify all the criticisms that are leveled on ex-MLMers as “bitter” and “unable to get over it?”
Don’t get me wrong, Mick, I’m NOT saying you’re wrong for pointing out lies and discrepancies. I welcome that. That’s much of the purpose of this forum: calling out the liars and hypocrites that permeate the MLM industry.
I’m not condemning anything. I’m questioning the way we respond to those who may be “future survivors,” in need of a forum such as this one some day. Remember that people involved in MLM frequently tell lies because tactics such as those are taught and encouraged in MLM.
(Remember the “Curiosity Approach?”) Whether she was lying or parroting, Carrie will leave the forum feeling that her visit here validated her involvement in MLM.